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Welcome to Body of Crime - a true crime podcast. From unsolved mysteries to some of the most controversial and / or infamous cases, we dissect each body of crime with a comprehensive approach regardless of the case or episode we bring you. We provide you with context and analysis that is sure to leave you on the edge of your seat. Rather your love is to hear compelling true crime stories, research, debate, and / or even attempt to solve some of the world’s most intriguing cases, we have you covered. Our mission is to tell these stories presenting each case or episode in a way that educates listeners, and sheds light on the criminal justice system, and honors the victims.

Get ready to put your detective hats on and take some notes – you never know which mysteries will get messier with each case! Join your favorite true crime hosts, Crystal, Joe, and Alicia. Lets educate the public, find missing persons, help identify unidentified remains, and solve some crimes together bringing justice to victims. 

BOC - Podcast Hosts

Body of Crime

Podcast Hosts

Your Body of Crime podcast hosts are family. Yes you heard that right. Click on any photo or name to learn about your hosts.

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